Fort William

The track has had a bit of a well needed make over. A lot of work has gone in to changing big sections of the track and apparently there’s still more to come in time for the world cup. The track builders had done a good job getting the track ready in time for the national. Its still the same old fast, rough Fort William style track but now with a more corners and more rock sections, extending the length of the track making it even longer by 20 seconds or so.
The weekend wasn’t to be for me, it was my first time back on the downhill bike since my injury and was my first time on my new Rose Beef Cake downhill bike. I was struggling all weekend with the track being so rough, I was feeling no-where near strong enough and just couldn’t get up to speed during practise with out getting out of control. Come the seeding run I unfortunately got a puncture in the front so I had no idea where abouts I would place when it came down to racing.
Come my race run I just wanted to get down again with out coming of and damaging my shoulder any more, I think this affected me to much tough as I just felt like I couldn’t ride a bike! I managed to stay upright but was just on the brakes way to much and couldn’t get the feel of the track, I ended up 8th overall which I was overly disappointed with, I think some more time training at home with Team Breakthrough is needed. Rachel took the win for the women with Clair Buchar in 2nd and Jess Stone not far behind in 3rd.
Next up is the World Cup in Maribor, Slovenia, im hoping for a slightly better result this weekend but its not going to be easy with a full world cup field.

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