Road Trip

Been busy training this week, after Maribor Tom and Me stayed out in Stuttgart, Germany. We have been lucky enough to stay with Luis Brethauer for a week, a super quick German BMX racer who has took us to ride some of the local BMX and 4X tracks around the area. The BMX track we rode was really well maintained and was so much fun to ride. It was ace to watch Luis and some of the other locals rip it up,

One thing I have never been good at is gates, which is a pretty important skill when it comes down to racing 4X. Ive only ever thought myself how to gate until this week where I had some one to one coaching with qualified coach and team mate Tom Dowie. We went back to the basics and basically scraped everything I had been doing before. Tom taught me the proper technique from body positioning to when to change gears, it felt weird at first as it was so different to what I had been before but it didn’t take long to pick up the technique. I definitely felt a lot faster just after 10minutes of coaching and I wasn’t getting left behind so much down the first straight but we shall if pays off in the IXS cup this weekend.

Yesterday we hit up the local 4X track which had been left for a while so was a little over grown but it was still in an ok condition to ride on. It was only a short track with nothing to technical but it was fun to play around on. I think we nailed every jump on the track 2nd run down but we started to play around with new lines and see how high or low we could get of some of the jumps, it was like back when we were kids, It felt good to just play around on 2 wheels again with out having the pressure of a race on our back.

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