Winterburg 4X

I’d never been to the Dirt Masters bike festival before so didn’t really know what to expect. I had been told a lot of good things about it though so I was looking forward to it. I had signed up to race both downhill and 4X which seemed like a good idea at the time but after looking at the schedule turned out to be a real busy weekend.

Both downhill and 4X practise were on at the same time so I had to switch between the two through out the day, which was confusing and tiring. Saturday was a busy day for me, with downhill qualifying and 4X qualifying followed by the 4X race Saturday evening. 4X qualifying didn’t go perfect for me as I had a poor gate and almost came to a stand still on one of the corners which put me into 11th. We had a long wait after the qualifying as racing for the elite women didn’t kick start until 11:15pm and after a 7:00am start for the downhill practise I was feeling more than tired. Nether the less I got through my first heat and was feeling quietly confident for the 2nd heat.
2nd heat I had a good gate but obviously didn’t have the power in my legs to keep the momentum going, as by the first jump I was back in third. I tried a few moves to get back to 2nd but it was so hard to pass anyone on that track I had to settle with coming down in third, putting me into the small final. For the small final, I got the snap but I had the outside gate so by the first corner I was back in 2nd. Coming along the 3rd straight I attempted to pass Steffi Marth who was currently leading. I went for the inside as we both took off the jump at the same time but mid air I clipped Steffi with my right crank throwing both my feet off the pedals, forcing me to land sat on the saddle with both feet dragging along the floor. By this point I had already been taken by Laura Brethauer and despite taking every inside line possible trying to get back ahead I couldn’t catch up and ended up in 7th. It finally finished up about 12:30am, not really ideal for a 6:30am wake up ready to go ride again.

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