Winterburg Downhill

Coming straight from Maribor, the track at Winterburg seemed real tame. It was only a 2 minute track so it was short and sweet. It was one of those tracks you could just roll down and have fun on, no wet roots or big jumps to catch you out just a fast flowing track from top to bottom.

Practise started at 7am both mornings, which was a bit of a shock to the system riding downhill at that time but we thought if we get there at that time we would skip the ques. I spent most of Saturday morning trying to rearrange my starting time for qualifying as the organizers couldn’t have thought about it very much and scheduled my downhill and 4X qualifying at the same time! After a bit of persuading I managed to get them to change my time so I was the 2nd rider down the hill. I didn’t have the best qualifying run, I didn’t really give if my all for the long sprint at the top and I blew out one of the corners near the bottom as the rut I was hitting had suddenly disappeared but ended up in 5th place which I knew I could improve on for the final.

Sunday morning came around quicker than i would of liked! After finishing the 4X race at 12:30 Saturday night and not getting to bed until 1am, it fair to say I wasn’t the most energetic come 6:30 Sunday morning. Despite lack of sleep my race run went fairly well, I put all my effort into the sprint along the top half of the track and then just tried to keep my speed through out the rest of the track. I did have a big moment through the first wooded section of the track, I slammed into a left hand berm and the next thing I knew my arms had given way and I was sat on the bars on my chest with my feet of the pedals for about 10 metres. I managed to stay up right, somehow and tried to keep it steady for the rest of the track. I ended up in 4th place, with a time of 2.13 with Sabrina Jonnier taking the win with 2.06.

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