BDS Llangollen National

Fast, loose, steep and dusty. About the only words needed to explain the track at Llangollen this weekend. I had been looking forward to racing this track since the start of the year, unfortunately they didn’t use the same track as last years national but it was still as steep and as fun. The sun was shinning all weekend which made a real good weekend of racing as it brought out a good crowd of spectators. It was a real good track to come and watch as you could see 90% of track from where ever you stood.
Saturday we had practise all day but unfortunately problems with local farmers and uplifts meant it was taking up to 2 hours to get in one run! So although we had practise all day I only managed to get 3 runs in. I was pretty gutted about this as I was having so much fun getting loose and kicking up dust on every corner.
Sunday the uplifts seem to be a bit more organized so everything was running slightly smoother so I manage to get 2 runs in before my seeding run. I didn’t push myself enough in my seeding run, I cruised along the top half of the course which I reckon is where a lot of time can be lost or gained. I also came to a stop on one of the steep corners, as I came around the corner the berm was completely blown out and the line I had been taking all practise had just been blown away leaving me to come to stop balancing on my chainring.
Before my race run I went up to walk the track again to get my lines sorted. The guys marshalling up there were doing a good job repairing the berm before race runs just using there hands so fair play to them (you did a good job). I knew I had to gain about 10seconds on my seeding to get a descent winning time which was a lot of time find on a track that short. I felt like I had a real good race run, pedalled in every possible place and tried to just keep it smooth and in control through the steep corners. It was the first time in a very long time where ive put together a flawless race run. I came down in to first place but still had three other riders to come down. I sat there watching the time tick by as the other riders came down fortunately I managed to keep the winning time taking my first win of 2010.
Thank you to Fin and Andy at Rose Bikes for keeping my bike in tip top condition over the weekend.

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2 Responses to BDS Llangollen National

  1. Brian says:

    Well done Katy!
    Glad to see the blog coming together nicely now as well. It’s always been hard to keep up with your sport via the normal websites as the don’t always seem to get updated fast enough. Having this to come to is great – I really liked the video too – how about a helmet cam next time?

    Best of luck with it all

  2. SueC says:

    Blog is really good – great to read about your antics and wins especially.
    Your bike looks aaaaammmazing.
    Sue (Isle of Wight)

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