Fort William 4X

The track this year had gone back to the original 4X track, missing out the out rock garden. This made it better for racing but felt like riding a rough bmx track on a hill, nothing technical to ride just jumps and fast corners. Practise started thurdsday but I knew I had a busy weekend ahead so I only did a couple of runs down just to get the feel of the track and left it at that.

Friday was qualifying day, so practise was spent trying out the fast lines. I was feeling pretty good all practise so was feeling quietly confident for qualifying. Come my run I was really tense in the gate which didn’t help my first straight as my back end was going all over the place with every pedal stroke. After the first corner I managed to relax a bit and find my flow again. Managed to get all my lines and was feeling good when I got to the finish line. I ended up 5th which I was happy with.

Saturday practise I was busy trying to get those inside lines nailed ready for racing. My first heat went well I had a good start, and managed to keep it together all the down crossing the line in 2nd getting me through in to the next round. The 2nd heat didn’t go as well, I un-clipped dwon the first straight and couldn’t get clipped back in until the last jump on the straight heading into the 1st corner, so had a bit of work to do to catch everyone up. I was sat in forth close behind Fionn, after the flat loose corner Fionn had a nig over the bars which let me sneak into 3rd, still not enough though to get me into the A final.
For the small final I didn’t have the best first straight and was sat in 3rd position but coming up to the table into the flat loose corner Sarsha Huntington went down so hard (hope your back racing soon Sarsha), so I snuck into 2nd place. Ive obviously still got a lot to learn about racing 4X though as I was so busy trying to get into 1st place I forgot that Fionn was behind me and left the inside wide open, leaving her to fly down the inside in to my front wheel leaving me in 3rd, I tried to catch back up again but there was no hope and ended up 7th overall.

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