Fort William Downhill

Fort William had got to be the best event on the world cup circuit, one because of the crowd it attracts and two because its on home soil. I headed up to Fort William kind of dreading the event as I had such a bad result for the national there a weeks before hand but after walking the track Thursday afternoon my feelings quickly turned on there head. The track builders must have been putting in the hard work since the national as there had been so many changes to the track. From the deer gate down to the first fire road was pretty much a completely new track which most had been stripped back to the rock making it even faster than usual.

Fort William I’d say isn’t really my sort of track, but nether the less I was really enjoying riding it. For qualifying I didn’t feel that great and had a few moments due to the wind but managed to keep it together and end up 14th. Come race day i was feeling pretty tired from riding but was still keen to do well. I put together a fairly good run, I felt real strong on the top and bottom half of the course but I was struggling with arm pump by the time I hit the woods which lost me a lot of time. I knew the motorway section was where I could make up time so I dug deep and put everything I had into the last section which I gained 5 seconds on but still ended up 15th overall. That’s certainly not my best result ive ever had but I enjoyed the weekend and im looking forward to the next few rounds of the world cup, next one being Leogang, Austria.

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