Saturday, Day 3 – Downhill Qualifying and 4X Race

Downhill – It had been raining most the night so the track was still super wet and greasy saturday. I haeded to the track fairly early as i wanted to get 2 runs in before my qualifying run int he afternoon. First run down i felt good, i nailed every line and just had fun letting the bike slide. I sacked off the idea of doing another run as i felt good and didnt want to tire myself out. Come qualifying the rain had stopped and the track had become real sticky. I found it quite hard and felt like i was battling with the bike. I didnt have the most perfect run as i stopped in a couple of places as i just couldnt keep my speed coming out of the corners but despite this i ended up 11th and was just happy to cross the line.

4X – The rain was back and was coming down non stop all through practise and racing. I felt good through practise, just tried to take it easy, tried some inside lines and kept some energy for racing. My first heat went real well, i was 2nd out of the gate but managed to creep into 1st on the first corner. I kept it smooth and steady and stayed in 1st all the way to the finish line. My second heat i had good start and was in 2nd for the first 2 corner but then made the biggest mistake of my life! I decided to manual one of the small jumps i had been jumping all night but didnt hold the maunal for long enough and tapped the top of the landing with my front wheel. My feet blew of the pedals and my back wheel ended up next to me, this bringing me to an almost dead stop i had to run up the next jump which was game over for me. I tried to catch up but i only managed to get back into 3rd place, which put me into the small final. For the small final i just tried to keep it smooth as i didnt want to throw it all away again. I had a steady run, and crossed the line in 2nd posistion putting me 6th overall. Not an ideal night but a lot was learnt and i will get back on that podium this year, thats a promise!

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