Day 4 Sunday – Downhill race day

After the massive disappointment from the 4X the night before I wasn’t really feeling another day of riding and was slightly over all the rain and mud. I tried to just put it aside though and get on with it. The track hadn’t improved as it had continued to rain all night. My first and only practise run wasnt quite up to scratch, I managed to stay upright but I just felt real slow, made a lot of mistakes and had to stop about 8 times to wipe off the mud from my goggles.
Sat at the top of the hill before my race run all I wanted to do is just get down the hill. My plan was just to put in a steady run, not push it to much and just get a half descent time. I set off from the start hut and after the first few corners I managed to get into the flow of things. For the top half of the track I felt real good, kept speed through the corners and just let the bike slide underneath me rather than try to battle with it. I got to the mean pedalling straight and I was already knackered and wanted to give up but thanks to Jess Stone yelling ‘pedal’ at me at the top of her lungs I somehow found an extra boost of energy and kept the power going through the entire pedalling section. After here though it all went wrong, a few corners down from there and before I knew it I was imitating a penguin sliding down the track on my chest. My front wheel slid on a root and I somehow ended up over the bars into the next corner. As It was such a hard track I was hoping that a few others had made a few mistakes to so I didn’t worry to much about it and continued on. But no a couple more corners down I was off again, another massive root took away my front wheel and yet again I was flapping around on the floor, by this point I just wanted to give up! I kept it rubber slide down from there on and crossed the line finishing in a disappointing 15th.
Not the best weekend of racing ive ever had but ive got a months rest now before the next world cup to get home and finally sort out my shoulder and hopefully start training again.

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