Friday, day 2

Downhill – First day of downhill practise, the sun was shinning and the track was riding real nice. It was quite a tough track but was a lot of fun to ride. I managed to get 3 run in and then boom, the rain came down. It was some of the heavest rain ive ever seen, with in 10mins the pits were flooded, and the track was ruined. After about half an hour we braved heading up the hill for a run. The track was a mess, it was like riding down a river but despite the rain it was still good fun to ride it just became twice as hard to ride. Knowing it was only going to get worse I left it at that, headed back to the apartment and got ready for 4X qualification later that day.

4X – The track had changed to much from the rain as it was such a hard packed track. There was a couple of soft sections but these were eventually covered with wooden boards to make it flow nicer. There were a few line to choose from heading into the rock garden. Down the inside which was quite tight getting on to it with out riding over the flag but was definitely fast if you got it spot on, Straight down the middle through the rock garden or round to the right which was longer but was smooth so it meant you could fly into it and still pedal around it.
I played it safe for qualifying, I didn’t want to risk getting the tight inside line wrong so I hit the middle line through the rocks and just tried to keep it smooth for the rest of the track to keep my speed. I had a descent run and qualified 4th so was happy with that.

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