Thursday, day 1 – Sign on, track walk and 4X practise.
Downhill track walk – Straight out the start gate maybe one pedal and its in to a short steep left hander which leads on to a grassy off camber short straight. From there on it looks like it starts to get real fast. The track shoots over the road into a blind drop straight into some tight rough corners. Let off the brakes and you roll straight into a rock garden with two little drops leading into it making it quite tricky. Roll round a right hander and the fast, tight, steep track becomes like a bmx track, out in the open, fast jumps and hard packed ground. It then drops back into the steep rooty woods. Coming out of the technical wooded section it shoots back out into the open again towards some more jumps and a nice sprint section, just to tire you out before the last wooded section, which again is super fast, really technical and pretty steep in most parts.
Cant wait to ride it tomorrow morning, hopefully it’ll stay dry otherwise it could get interesting! Looking at the weather forecast (http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/222018:11) it doesn’t look to good but i can only hope!

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