National 4X Series – Harthill

May 29th saw round 2 of the national 4X series at Harthill, Cheshire. Saturday morning we woke up to heavy rain fall so it was on with the trousers and waterproof for practise. The track surface consisted of sand for the first four corners and for the last few corners and straights it was thick clay, so just choosing the right tire was a crucial.
As the Euro Series was on the Sunday there were a fair few world cup riders racing. There was a good turn out of girls, with a lot of the UK girls showing up and the wild card, Sarsha Huntington from Australia also showed up which made racing slightly more interesting.
We raced 4 moto’s knocking one of the girls out, making room for 8 of us to race in a big and small final. I managed to win all of my moto’s giving me pick of the gate for the Final. After feeling good about my riding all day I managed to mess up my gate when it counted the most. After a poor gate I was in 3rd down the first straight following behind Sarsha and Nichola Anderson. I tried to almost straight line the first corner, over the next jump straight into the inside line for the next corner to try get back in front but it didn’t go as well as I hoped. I clipped Nichola Anderson’s front wheel with my rear wheel mid air which brought me almost to a dead stop so I lost a lot of speed. I got off lightly though as I Nichola went down hard (sorry Nic!). Coming out of the second corner Sarsha had a good lead so I had a lot of work to do to try and catch her up. As hard as I tried I couldn’t quite make up the lost time but ended up about half a bike length behind Sarsha over the finash line so I was happy I managed to gain that much on her but it still wasn’t enough for the win and I had to settle for 2nd place.

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