National Champs

Well I didn’t bring home the national jersey so all didn’t go as planned but I had a good weekend racing and will just have to concentrate on the next few races ahead. This years national champs were at AE forest in Scotland on a revamped track. Most of the track was the same as previous years but a few jumps and lines had been added just to keep things fresh and up to date. It was a pretty miserable weekend with that ‘wet’ misty rain hovering over the Dumfries for the whole weekend. As the ground was so hard packed, the rain didn’t affect the way the course rode until you reached the bottom wooded section. As you came into the woods you were faced with some off camber muddy corners which got pretty interesting in the wet and was for most people where it was won or lost.

Seeding runs were pretty bad, it was raining fairly hard on Sunday morning during practise ripping the track to shreds so I decided just to put in a steady run to see where about that would get me and how much I would need to push it for the final. I seeded 3rd, which I was happy with as I knew I could take off a lot of time from that.

For the final I decided it was do or die and just wanted to give it everything I had and I knew if I kept it clean I’d would have been in for a good time. From top to bottom I pushed myself, pedalled where I needed to and had a near perfect run, with just one mistake. I came down with a time of 2.58 and thought id be in for a chance of taking the stripes home but Jess Stone put in a storming run and came down with a time of 2.57 pushing me in to 2nd and Jess taking the win. I was obviously gutted I didn’t take it but on the other hand I was happy that I managed to keep it together and put in a descent time.

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