Poland 4x ProTour

I couldn’t of asked for a better week.

Szczawno-zdroj, Poland was host of round 2 of the 4X ProTour. The track has been on the European 4X circuit for a few years now but I’ve never had the chance to go so I was looking forward to seeing if the track lived up to the hype.

We arrive in Poland Tuesday night and headed straight for the track. From the first sight the track looked amazing, it was late so the flood lights were on and lighting up the track in all its glory. You could clearly see how much effort had gone in to making and keeping the track in such good condition, not only was the track in good shape but even the surroundings were looking good as well, clean cut grass, sculpted dirt benches, perfectly placed banners.

Official practice didn’t start until Friday night but the track is open 24/7 (with flood lights on every night untill 11pm) so we didn’t waste anytime time Wednesday and got straight up to the track to start training. The track was dry and dusty and every corner was unpredictable so it kept you on your toes the whole way down, it’s was so much fun to ride I just couldn’t wait to get racing on it.

Qualifying and racing was all on Saturday so we had a pretty chilled out week just riding, training and exploring the delights Poland had to offer. Come Saturday I was feeling good on the track and was looking forward to getting my qualifying run done. I made a few mistakes during my qualifying run and crossed the line in 2nd but I knew I had a lot more to give so I was feeling confident for the final.

Half way through the men’s qualifying runs the heavens opened and the heaviest rain storm I had seen in a while soaked the track with in minutes. This turned the race around big time as the conditions got worse and worse it meant even some of the big names didn’t make the cut for qualifying. Being from the UK I love riding in these conditions and I think I can honestly say I was one of the only people happy about the weather! A quick tyre change and some extra layers thrown on I was ready to race!

For the final i knew if i could get a good start id be in for a chance for a good result. The gate dropped and I got the snap and took the lead in to the first corner. Coming in to the third corner i tried to play it smart and went wide for some extra grip but soon felt the bars of Celine Gros knocking into me trying to cut in from the inside. I managed to keep the lead but i could hear her on my tail all the way. I tried to just keep it smooth, play it safe and just not make any mistakes and it paid off as i kept the lead all the way until the finish to cross the line in 1st place taking my first 4X world win.

I think now I have took the lead in the series overall so hopefully I can continue the good results in the next round in 4 weeks time. for now it’s off up to Fort William, Scotland for the British Downhill Series round 2.

Photos to follow very soon


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