Fort William World Cup

Fort William World Cup seemed to come and go quicker than I could tie my shoe laces. Fort William is always the highlight of the year for me. I’ve had some amazing races there in the past and the place holds some great memories for me. This year was the first year ive gone there and just done 4X so it felt a little odd to not be riding downhill but hopefully I’ll be back to full fitness next year to try again at the downhill.

The 4X track at Fort Will suits me down to the ground, straight out of the start gate it’s real technical which means its not all about who got the most power and who spent the most time in the gym it’s more down to bike skills. I was feeling real good in practice but come qualifying I was struggled a little to put down a good run due to still carrying a slight injury. I cross the line for quali in 4th place a fair bit off the pace but I knew I could make it up come race yeah so was still feeling confident.

My first heat was up against 1st qualifier Anneke Beerten as well as 2 other Brit girls Suzanne Lacey and Jess Greaves. I got the snap out of the gate But thing didnt go to plan from here on after. As I hit the last jump on the first straight both of my feet blow off the pedals and I ended up doing a superman though mid air! As I came to land my leg/foot got caught between the wheel and my saddle and somehocat his caused my shoe to fly off in to the crowd! By the time I had realised what had just happened everyone had passed me leaving me in 4th. Being in race mode I still tried to play catch up (with only one shoe on) but at this point they were just to far away. I came across the line in third placing me in the small final.

Sat in the gate for the small final I could hear the crowd down at the finish line going wild which fuelled my with some adrenaline ready for the small final. As the gate dropped I got another good start and got the snap, I had a good run down, hit all my lines and managed to lead it all the way to the finish, finishing up 5th overall. Not the result I was looking for or even the result I know I was capable of but it was still a good race riding in front of a home crowd and hopefully I can salvage some points back for the overall next weekend at the last round of the pro tour in Willingen, Germany.

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