Val di Sole

Round 3 of the 4X pro tour took place this weekend in Val Di Sole, Italy. It was by far the best event of the pro tour yet, such a massive crowd and some real close, exciting racing all evening.

Qualifying was on the Friday night after the first official practice session. I had a good run and finished in 1st position for quali ahead of Celine Gros and Anneke Beerten. This gave me some good confidence for racing Saturday.

Saturday felt the longest day ever! I was feeling nervous and excited from the minute i woke up, I just wanted to get the race over with but with the race not starting till 8.30pm, I was in for a long wait!

After what had seemed a life time, it was time to race! My first couple of heats went real well and I got through to the final up against Anneke, Celine and Lucia Ojten. I had a good gate but Anneke was strong and had out gated me and moved across by the first corner. Despite trying to make a move on Anneke I felt like if I had tried anything it would of ended up in both Anneke and myself going down and with the overall series in mind I tried to play it safe. I kept my position all the way to the line and finished up in 2nd. I am pretty happy with this as I am still in the lead for the overall with only 2 rounds left.

It’s now on to, with out a doubt, the best event of the year Fort William, for round 4.

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