Willingen 4X Pro Tour Finals

4X pro tour finals took place in Willingen, Germany this weekend. Coming into the last round it really was going to be down to the line as points were really close for the overall and meant who ever took the win at Willingen would win the overall series. There was 3 of us who could of won the series, Anneke, Celine and myself so I was feeling the pressure coming in to the race for sure.

Official practice started on Thursday evening but because of my crash in Fort William i was still in a fair bit of pain so I decided to give my ankle a couple more days to recover before attempting to ride on it again. Luckily qualifying wasn’t until Saturday morning which gave me 2extras days to try and rest up but it also meant I only had 2 hours right before qualifying to try and learn and ride the track so I knew i was going to have my work cut out.

My qualifying run didn’t feel like I really raced down the track, it was almost like I was a passenger. I cross the line in a disappointing 5th place but soon got reminded that with my ankle how it was it was a ok result, it just meant I had to have some work to do come racing.

My first heat I struggled a little to get focus, I had a bad gate but I was in 2nd by the first corner, I knew all I had to do from there was cruise to the line and I’d hopefully make it to the next round, which all went to plan. My next heat, my aim again was just to cross the line 2nd just to get me through to the final then I could really push it. Out of the gate I had a good snap and came in to the first corner in 2nd but I made a small mistake and left the inside line open. As I came out of the corner Steffi had managed to take the inside and sweep past me putting me into 3rd. As much as I tried to pull it back it couldn’t quite do it and cross the line in 3rd placing me into the small final.

The gate dropped for the small final and I got the snap, I played it cautious on the way down, just trying to have a safe run. I managed to keep the lead until the finish line, placing me 5th. Not my best result of the season but with my ankle being how it was I don’t think I could of pushed it anymore. I ended up 3rd in the overall rankings not what I was aiming for but happy with this none the less.

I’ve had so much fun this season so far riding with the new bike, the new team and with the new 4x pro tour series. I can’t quite believe the 4x series is already over but it has been an amazing first year for series, big crowds, exciting, close racing and some great venues. Big thank you to Chris Roberts and Scott Beaumont for organising the series as with out them we wouldn’t of been racing this year, both done an amazing job so Thank You!

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