British 4X Round 4 Harthill

Last weekend saw a double header weekend of racing at Harthill, Cheshire. Round 4 of the British 4X series took place on Saturday and the National 4X Champs on Sunday. National champs is a big one for me as I was 2011 National Champ so I had a title to defend.

Saturday I was feeling brave and thought I’d try give myself a challenge. Although the womens category for 4X is pretty stacked these days I entered in to the senior men’s category to just try push myself that bit more. It was a bit of an eye opener but exactly what I needed. Each heat was real close racing and made me realised that I had to give it everything the entire way down in every heat, no backing off at anytime and no being mr nice guy, aggressive racing seemed to be the only way to make it through to the next heat.

I managed to battle my way through to the small final which I was pretty stoked about. My final run went well, I was 2nd out of the gate and with a bit of elbow barging i managed to keep that position until the finishing line placing 6th overall in senior men. It was one of my best days racing for a long time and certainly pushed me to the level I should be racing at. Big thank you to Chris Roberts for letting me race amongst the guys and also Dave Knight for looking after my bike all day.

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