National 4X Champs

National Champs is a big one for me, I have been National Champ for 2 years running now and it means a lot to me to be able to wear the National Champs jersey/sleeve when racing. Although I know I can do well if I put my mind to it, I still end up putting a massive amount of pressure on myself to preform. I think also every year the pressure mounts, it becomes more and more important to me to try defend my title and i feel like I’m going in to the race with a target on my back!

After racing in the men’s category the day before I was feeling ready for anything the day was going to throw at me. It wasn’t going to be easy as the other girls were wanting the title just as much as me so it made for some good competition. The race worked in World Cup format so qualifying and then knock out heats.

My qualifying run went pretty well, I had a good, risk free run with one small mistake but luckily nothing that cost me to much time. I crossed the line in 1st placing me straight in to the final up against Suzanne Lacey, Jess ‘hench’ Greaves and Cara Murray.

To say I was feeling the pressure for the final would be a huge understatement, I can’t remember feeling that nervous for a long time. I was sat up the top just trying to do everything I possibly could to stay focused and stay positive. Sat in the gate I was actually shaking! As the gate dropped I got a strong gate and got snap and made it to the first corner out in front. Luckily I managed to avoid the carnage going on behind me as the other girls managed pile in to the first berm all at once, which didn’t end great for Jess. Haring the carnage behind moil just tried to keep it smooth and again fairly risk free from here on and i managed to keep my positional until the finish line.

I was so stoked to take the win for the 3rd consecutive year and i can now wear the National sleeve for another year with pride. It was such a good days racing and has giving me confidence heading in to World Champs at the end of the August.

A massive shout out to Scott Roberts who had a big stack during racing and ending up getting air lifted from the site after breaking 3 vertebra. Wish you all the best on your recovery, heal up soon, stay strong.

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