Redhill British 4X

Still buzzing from this weekends racing! It was round 3 of the British 4X at Redhill, Gloucester. Redhill is the closest 4X track to my house and one of the most fun tracks in the UK to ride. It’s a super fast track, loads of jumps, flows well and your always guaranteed a good laugh there as the Redhill locals are some of the most friendliest people around.

Redhill was to be my first National round of 2012 so I was overly excited about racing, as well as the fact I’ve never managed to race at Redhill in the past due to various reasons. I arrived there on Saturday afternoon and It was great to catch up with everyone and just have a chilled out afternoon riding and training. It was good to see so many girls riding and at a descent standard as well. The level of riding from the girls in the UK gets better every year and to see the 4X girls pushing each other, having a laugh and in some cases, showing the boys how it’s done, is inspiring to see.

Sunday, race day. 2 hours practice followed by 3 moto’s and on to the knock out rounds until we get to the final. Practice was going well, felt like I was riding well and was just having fun. Different to a 4X Pro Tour, instead of a qualifying round we get 3 different moto’s so it’s luck of the draw for who ever you get picked to ride against. Each moto went well for me and I managed to win all my heats. This put us in to a semi final knock out round to determine who would be in the final. I had a clean run down and came across the line in first putting me in to the final up against Suzanne Lacey, Jess Greaves and local girl, Cara Murray.

I was pretty nervous on the gate knowing how much Cara would want the win with it being her local track. Also with Suzanne leading the series I knew this was going to be important to her. It was going to be a though race and i felt like i was on enemy territory! As the gate dropped I battled bar to bar with Jess until the first jump but I just managed to squeeze Jess out and went in to the lead as we came in to the first corner. After this I just tried to keep it clean and have a smooth line to the finish. I could hear the girls on my tail the whole way down the track so there was no time to let off. I managed to keep the lead all the way down and crossed the line in first place.

I was stoked to take the win and had such a great weekend with some good friends. I’ve now got a couple of weeks off racing, just training hard ready for round 4 of the British 4X series as well as the 4X National Champs, where the pressure will be on to defend my title as current National Champ!

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