Afan Euro 4X Series Round 3

After tearing up Afan for the weekend for the British 4X on Saturday and Euro 4X on the Sunday, I have just been left wondering why it is I have never been down there before! It has to be by far the best track in the UK, I think It has what a lot of tracks are missing. It’s real rough from top to bottom, big rocks gardens, plenty of places to over take and a pro line that is actually big enough to make a lot of the elite riders struggle! Every time I crossed the finish line in my heat I had to run back up just to watch the next race it was that exciting!

Sunday saw the last round of the Euro Series and after riding the track all day Saturday for the British round I woke up more excited than ever to ride on Sunday. As it was a European round it meant it ran the same as a Pro Tour, qualifying and straight into knock out heats. My practice was going well, and more than anything I was just having fun and enjoying the track.

I had a good qualifying run, nothing out of the ordinary but it was good enough to come down in first place giving me gate choice for the final. About 30mins before our final the rain came down so the hardest part of the day for me was just keeping warm! Sat in the gate for the final I was actually feeling pretty nervous as it suddenly dawned on me that I could potentially win the overall Euro series. As the gate dropped I got the snap, and although it was a battle to the first corner i got out in front and managed to keep the lead. Coming into the rock garden I was more than cautious as I didn’t know how slippery it was going to be but seemed to sail through with out a problem and managed to stay in the lead until the end.

I was pretty happy winning the race as it meant I had also secured enough points to take the european overall series as well. Afan was the last race in the season for me so to end on a high like this really completes the year.

Have to say a big thank you to Chris Roberts and Scott Beaumont for all they’ve done this year, all the races have been a great success and with out you none of us would have been racing so Thank You!

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