World Champs

It’s funny how much can change in just a few months. If you asked me at the start of the season what my goals for the year are? I would and did answer ‘just to have fun, enjoy riding and racing and not take it seriously’ as after an injury plagued 2011 season this was exactly what I needed. Now move half way through the season and ask me the same question again and my answer would of been ‘To Win World Champs’.

After having one of the best seasons I’ve had to date I was heading in to Worlds and this was the first time I felt like I could of walked away with a medal. I had been training specially for this race and was feeling better than I ever had done on a bike before, i was having fun, feeling strong and more than anything felt confident about the event.

Practice started on thursday and after hearing all the hype about the track and walking it before hand, I was like a kid at Christmas, too excited and just couldn’t wait to get riding. It was a fun track to ride, so different to anything else I had ridden and kept you on your toes the whole way down. Friday night was qualifying and I was feeling quietly confident. I had Will Longden sat up at the gate with me and I strangely wasnt even feeling nervous.

As the gate dropped I had a good start and stayed focused but it clearly just wasn’t meant to be. As I went to pedal out of the corner over the pro line the next thing i know it was game over, my chain snapped, all i could do try to pump my way to the finish line. As I crossed the line it didnt occur to me that we actually had to qualify and there were going to be 3 riders getting knocked out. I stood there as I watched the last few riders come across the line and saw my name drop to 9th place and at that moment I hit me that that was it…I wouldn’t even make it to the race.

I was devastated and still couldn’t quite believe it. It was pretty hard to swallow that that was it, all the training over the last few months was aimed around this one race and I didn’t even get to race. I’m a big believer in everything is meant to happen for a reason though so even though it was hard to have to sit on the side line and watch the race, I’m sure I will have my chance again and it now makes me want that title even more. Bring on 2013 World Champs!

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