Malaga Madness

When I hear the word, Malaga, the first few things that pop in to my head are sun, sea and dusty trails so when I got the message from Manon Carpenter asking if I fancied a few weeks out there riding, I jumped at the chance. It was going to be a bit of a last minute trip but everyone knows their always the best! Flights booked, bikes packed and off my boyfriend and I went looking smug with ourselves as we left the cold wet rainy UK.

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We arrived at the apartment pretty late so we threw all are stuff in the garage and went straight to bed. We woke up to pretty heavy rain fall, at which point i should of gone back to bed, as day 1 of our Malaga trip didnt quite go to plan!
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Despite the rain we hit the trails and surprising they were running real good, no mud, fast and still grippy. A few runs in and then boom, just as i was starting to feel comfortable on the tracks i clipped the edge of a rock and off snaps my mech hanger! After a long push to the bottom of the 20min descent I reached the others only to find my hire car has had it’s rear window smashed in! Soaking wet, broken bike, no spares and a hire car that was looking in a rather sorry state! I sat there laughing to myself hoping not much else could go wrong especially on day 1.
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Luckily everything from then onwards our holiday really started to improve. Rose Bikes sent us out a new mech hanger so i had my Rose Verdita Green back up and running again with in 48hours. The sun came out for the rest of the holiday. We rode some amazing trails thanks to Salva at The Bike Shuttle, so different to anything in the UK and such a variety of riding as well. Downhill, enduro, xc, dirt jumps, skateparks, motor cross tracks, there is so much there, your never left with out anything to ride.
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We even managed to step away from the bikes for a couple of days to chill out and explore. We hired out mopeds for a cruise around the mountains, so cheap and so much fun. I got dragged in the sea by Manon and then got mocked at my lack of swimming ability! Meet up with the guys at Roost DH for some Go-Kart Grand Prix action, in which I think everyone came away bruised and battered from! And of course tried and tested the local Spanish beer and cuisines on a few occasions!
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Have to say a massive thank you to Salva at The Bike Shuttle for being a great guide, providing us with a top uplift service and just being a massive help and a good laugh through out the trip. Also a big thank you to Roost DH for the guiding and great DH uplifts. And of course Manon Carpenter for organising everything and inviting us!
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It was one of the best trips I’ve had in awhile and can thoroughly recommend the trip out there to anyone.

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