British 4X Falmouth

Round 2 of the British 4X kicked of this week with a brand new track down in Falmouth, Cornwall. Will Evans, elite level 4X racer, had spent the last 4 weeks crafting the masterpiece that was Falmouth! So much talk about the track leading up to the race, it certainly had a lo to live up for and it certainly didnt disappoint.

The level of tracks in the UK are good but we have reached that point where the tracks are comfortable, not easy but to progress our level of riding we need bigger, faster, more technical tracks and thats exactly what WIll had in mind when building Falmouth. Straight out the gate the track got people thinking, multiple lines, drops, big jumps, rock gardens, flat corners and a super loose surface just to keep you on your toes from top to bottom.

I arrived down there on Saturday ready for practice and as soon as i saw the track i feel in love with it! Wasting no time i jumped straight on my bike and got riding. It rode just as good as it looked. After spending a few hours riding the track i called it a day to save my energy for the race on Sunday.

Sunday morning i rocked up early mega excited to get riding again. I spent all practice testing out different lines and getting up to speed. I was feeling real good on track and had everything dialled, i even managed to send the pro-line which i didnt think wuld be happening when i first arrived.

All my motos went well, and i got through to the semi finals. With in the 1 hours break between motos and the semi finals, the heavens decided to open and the rain came down. Riding my semi-final heat i couldnt believe just how much the track had changed, the wind was so strong, the track had gone from loose to riding like an ice rink! I found myself sliding all over the place, out of control! After a pretty shoddy run i made it to the finish line in the lead making the finals. With out a second thought though i darted back to the pits to change tyres, upgrading to Continental rubber queens for that little bit extra grip.

Finals, i was up against Manon Carpenter who had been looking strong all weekend but i felt confident and more than ready for a good battle. Out of the gate i got into the lead, i could see and feel Manon on every corner coming at me on the inside lines. I managed to hold her off and stay in the lead but i knew she was close. Both jumping over the pro-line and into the next rock garden i darted inside to try maintain the lead, i felt my wheels starting to drift and unclipped to correct the slide but coming in to the next jump my shoe was so full of mud i couldnt clip back in. Thinking to much about my feet i left the inside line open for Manon to come sweeping in to take the lead. I tried to chase her down but with my foot still unclipped i just couldnt get the power down enough to make a move. I crossed the line in 2nd a little gutted but also pretty happy as i havnt had a race that pushes me to the limit like that in ages. Although 2nd wasnt what i was aiming for i had a real good weekend racing and im feeling more than ready for round 1 of the Pro Tour in Poland in 2 weeks time.

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