British 4X, Round 1 Afan

It’s that time of year again, Winter training is complete, 6 months of hard work has all been gearing up towards this weekend, the first round and first race of 2013. In all honesty I’ve never looked forward to the start of the race season so much. This has been my first winter training full time thanks to Frank Heijne and Rose Vaujany so I’m coming in to the season 100% prepared and ready for it.

On arriving to Afan I was shocked to see how many people there were, the field was packed, team tents were lined up as far as you could see and riders were already on track. 4X is far from dead. After quickly setting up the Rose pits I was eager to get riding. The track is one of my favourite tracks, real rough, flat corners, loose rocks and guaranteed to produce some of the best racing every heat.

I was feeling good in practice but I knew I had to up my game. We had a stacked field of elite women riders, including DH World Champ Manon Carpenter, British 4X Series Champ Suzanne Lacey as well as a new field of bmx racers. I was feeling the pressure to say the least, a lot of people had there money on Manon but I was there to try prove them wrong!

Each moto went well for me, I managed to win every round and make it through to the semi finals. I had a hard heat in the semi finals up against some of the more experienced 4X girls. I managed to get out in front from the start but I could hear them behind me on my back wheel pushing me to my limit. I was happy to cross the line first and make it through to the final.

Manon, Cara Murray, Renee Diwell and myself had made it through to the final. I had a good snap and entered the first corner in front, I could here the commentator going wild about Manon and Cara battling it out for 2 place, I wanted to look back and watch the race it’s sounded that good! Trying to stay focused i snapped back in to race mode and battered my way through the rock garden still in the lead. Coming in to the last corner I had no idea who was behind or how close they were so i was taking every inside line I could and stomping down the power when I needed. I crossed the line in first and was so happy. First race done, training had paid off and I’ve started the season exactly how I wanted.

The next round is in 3 weeks time which I’m now more than excited about. I will keep you informed so look out for any updates.

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  1. Brian says:

    Well done Katy, great start..

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