Winterberg Euro 4X

It’s my 4th year running now I’ve been coming to IXS Dirt Masters in Winterberg. I love the event, always buzzing with people who all just love to ride or watch people riding. The crowds and atmosphere always get you excited to race. The 4X track here is not one of the most technical of tracks but still creates some amazing racing with passing opportunities all the way until the last corner. It’s good to see so many girls racing too, we had 14 license women racing with 8 racing in the hobby category, it’s a great event for first time racers to attend.

I wanted to get a good qualifying run here as lane choice can make a real difference on this track for racing. I had a good run for qualifying, it was hard to know how hard you could push for grip in the corners as the track had been changing all weekend because of the weather. I crossed the line in first place 1.2 seconds up which I was happy with going in to the final for Sunday.

Sunday the weather had changed again the sun had come out making the track real dry. The inside lines needed for racing were real loose. As I qualified first it gave me some fairly easy heats to start with, I wanted to get out in front at the start to try chill out a bit and save my legs for the final. I managed to get though to the final where I knew it was going to be a hard battle until the end. Sat in the gate for the final, I missed the gate and tired to snap to early meaning i crawled out the gate last but knew I had to pull it back before the first corner. Racing bar to bar with Helene I just managed to cut inside into the first corner and take the lead. I could hear and see the other girls close behind so using every inside line I could and using everything i had to power on i kept the lead until the finish line to take the win.

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