Harthill Double Round

This weekend saw a busy weekend of racing, Saturday was round 3 of British 4X Series and Sunday was round 2 of the Euro Series all at Harthill, Cheshire.

Saturday saw 16 elite female riders turn up for racing which was great to see. I wasnt feeling 100% Saturday after a hard weeks training but i new i had to up my game with so many girls entered.

In the morning i managed to win all my motos placing through to the knock out heats. Getting straight through to the semi-final i had a real hard heat up against some of the top UK girls. Out of the gate i got the snap and shot in to the first corner out in front. I managed to stay focused and kept the lead until the finish placing me into the final.

With 2nd gate pick i knew i had to get a good snap to get the lead. As soon as the gate dropped i felt like i was already over it and in the first corner before i knew it. I could hear the girls right on my tail through out the race so i tried to keep it smooth and just ride all my inside lines. I was pushed all the way to the finish line but happy to ross the line out in front to take the win on day 1.

Sunday i was feeling myself again and real hyped up for racing. Sunday was ran in a different format as it was a European round which meant everyone had an individual timed run and then went straight into knock out rounds.

My qualifying run went well, i was a little nervous so i tensed up a little when riding but i crossed the line 3.7 seconds up on 2nd place so i was pretty happy with that. Jumping straight into semi finals i had a fairly easy heat because of qualifying 1st and managed to take the lead from start to finish to jump straight into the final.

I got the snap in the final and managed to sneak into the first corner out in front but i could see and hear the other girls in the corner of my eye. darting in the inside of the 2nd corner i almost came to a stop but knew i had to put the power down to try keep the lead. Coming down the 3rd straight i knew i was gaining a bit of a lead so held back a little to just try stay 100% in control. Coming into the last corner i looked back behind me and knew i was safe, i railed the outside line and kept my speed to cross the finish line in 1st to top of a great weekend of racing.

Next race is round 2 of the 4X Pro Tour in Scotland next weekend so keep up to date with info on my twitter @katycurd

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