Val Di Sole

I always enjoy going to Val Di Sole, the track always produces some of the best racing all year and the place itself is stunning. After a long truck down straight from Fort William we had a couple of days to chill before practice which was good to just relax.

After a few days off the bike I was more than ready to get practicing. The track as usual at Val Di Sole was super loose and unpredictable. It’s why I love riding there, you always feel like your pushing it to the limit, fighting for grip in every turn.

I was a bit nervous for qualifying as I knew how important gate pick was on this track. I started my run real steady and cautious but I picked up a lot of time as I was the only women to hit the pro line. I started to relax a little in to my run after the pro line and came across the finish line in first place but only 0.2 in front of Céline Gros so the times were tight.

As I won qualifying my first heat was fairly easy, I wanted to get a good snap and just try to get all my inside lines dialled and practiced ready for the final. As the gate dropped i had a good battle to the first corner but pulled ahead out into the lead. I pushed hard to stay in front with a consistent run and I came across the line in first place placing me through to the final.

My final heat I knew was going to be though, I had the inside gate but I knew anything could happen I that first corner. I had a fairly bad gate and really battled bar to bar down the first straight, as we hit the first corner I snuck inside, foot out and drifting! I held my line and pulled ahead out in front. I could hear Céline on my tail for the entire run, I knew if I made one tiny error Céline would be there to take the lead. I kept control for the race and led all the way to the line to win round 3 of the Pro Tour. I was so happy to take the win there making it 3/3 rounds in a row.

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