Forest of Dean Mini Downhill

What to do with a spare weekend at home, race of course! I havn’t raced downhill this year and after just receiving my new Rose beefcake downhill bike I thought I better give it a shot. The track was great, short but had a mixture of everything, flat corners, off camber roots, tight technical sections and a good amount of jumps to finish.

After a big old storm over night we were left with a wet, greasy track in the morning which made thing interesting and in my opinion more fun! I was switching between flats and clips all morning as it was quite a pedal power track but in the wet I was having some good foot out moments!

My first race run I opted for flats, off the start line I felt sluggish but soon picked up speed in the top corners. I felt quick through the top section and dropped in to the woods, I was surprised at how much it had dried out so tried to much it a little harder but think I tried a little to much and came off line! Trying to compose myself again I dropped in to the last section of jumps and tried to keep it smooth until the finish. I crossed the line in first place but knowing I had a lot more to give.

My second run I changed back to clip pedals as with a clean-ish run in the bag I could really push for a fast run. Out of the start I felt 10 times better with clips on, hit in to the first couple of corners but as I exited the last corner I lost the front wheel on a root and binned it in to the floor! Knowing I couldn’t get a faster time than my first run anymore I cruised it to the finish.

Luckily my first run time was enough to hold the win just in front of young gun Megan Wherry and 3rd position Lindsay Hanley. I had a great day racing on the big bike again, a lot practice to be done before I’m back up to speed but it for sure put a smile on my face and that’s what it’s all about!

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