JBC 4X Pro Tour

There was so much hype leading up to JBC, with world number 1 4X rider Tomas Slavic building the track it was bound to be a good one. After seeing all the helmet cameras and teaser videos leading up to the race I was really looking forward to riding there. After arriving and walking the track you could see how much effort had been put in to not only the track but the entire event.

Just walking the track i was getting excited, big pro lines, wooded sections, rock gardens, wall ride, everything that could be thrown in to the track was! First day of practice i was excited but also nervous, the track was big and fast and i knew one small mistake could end pretty badly.

After a couple of hours practice on the track the nerves were still there but i was smiling from ear to ear! The track was insane, one pedal of the start hill and you didnt need to pedal again until half way down the track. Ive never ridden a track where slowing down was the issue not trying to get up to speed!

Friday night was qualifying and if im honest i really didnt feel ready for it, i was struggling to decide which lines rode fastest and felt a little unprepared for it. As the gate dropped i had a good first straight but took a wide line in to chicken line which set me back on time. As i got in to the woods i hit my line but un-clipped on the exit losing even more time. from here i lost my focus completely ridding my lines but just couldnt let go off the brakes. I crossed the line 0.5 seconds behind Celine Gros placing me 2nd.

For the finals i was feeling 10 times better, i felt comfortable on track and was ready for racing. For my semi finals i had a good run, i got in to the first corner out in front and lead from there until the line placing me in the finals. With 2nd gate pick i knew i had to get a good gate to try edge in front by the first corner. The gate dropped and i was bar to bar with Celine until the first jump. As we landed i just edged in front a shot in to the first corner out in front. I dropped in to the chicken line hearing the other girls right close behind. As we came in to the woods multiple lines were taken by every rider but i managed to keep the lead and headed in to the rock garden. As i wet inside through the rocks i could hear Celine to my left taking the outside line to try gain some speed. I jumped out the rock still just in front and headed in to the last couple of corners. Heavily on the brakes to try and hit my line i rode the double on the last corner and pedalled to the final road gap. As i landed i crossed the finish line in the lead to take the win for the 4th round of the Pro Tour. With this being my 4th win of the series i managed to wrap up the overall series with still one round to spare. This being a big goal of mine i was over the moon and it was time to celebrate Czech style!

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