World Champs

The big race of the year. This year coming in to Worlds I was more confident, focused and ready for it than ever before.

20130927-114705 AM.jpgI always knew it was going to be the hardest race of my life so far but I’ve put everything in to this race so whatever the outcome I’ve done everything I could to get those rainbow stripes.

The biggest part of the race I knew was going to be qualifying, with inside gate pick on this track you really do have a big advantage. I qualified 3rd with what honestly had to be my worst qualifying run all year. Of course I wasn’t happy but I knew it wasn’t over, it was all to play for come race day.

The morning of race day I was trying to do anything to keep my mind off racing, so many thoughts running through my head. Just before racing Joost sat me down and to try calm me down, every word he said had so much meaning to it and he really did fill me with confidence. We were both here for a reason and that was to win that race. All or nothing.

Practice and racing seemed to fly by, before I knew it i had raced quarters and semi finals and I was jumping off the uplift ready finals. The only thing running through my mind in the uplift was jumping the lower pro line. None of the girls had jumped it in racing or practice so it was always going to be a do or die move! I jumped off the uplift and grabbed Will and asked him if he could ring the boys at the bottom to ask about the head wind on the pro line. Will has looked after me at every World Champs and knows exactly what to say to say to keep me calm and focused.

They called me up to the gate, i still hadn’t heard back from Will so was still in doubt. I sat in the gate and all I heard was Will shout ‘yes, send it’. The gate dropped and i gave it everything but Caroline and Anneke hit the first corner out in front. I swung wide in to the pro line to try build some speed. I was sat in third but knew i could make the move to second, I held back a bit and as we hit the bridge I gave it everything, I took off the first jump just behind Anneke and as I landed I cranked as hard as possible. I made it in to 2nd and before I knew it i was up in the air again flying over a jump I’d never hit before and wasnt even sure if I’d make it! Luckily I had enough speed to make it to the landing but it just wasnt enough to catch Caroline. Chasing through the rocks I knew it just wasnt enough, game over. I crossed the line in 2nd, with Caroline crowned the new World Champion. I felted so deflated that it was over, that was it but now looking back I know i gave it 110%, I really couldn’t of pushed any harder and I’m happy with how I rode. It really has been an amazing year and I’m already excited for next season. New challenges and new adventures.World Champs Video

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