Mini Downhill

Another successful weekend, I love racing the Mini Downhill events as they are super chilled out and just great fun to ride. With so many new riders and racers entered in to the races it’s far from serious and all about having fun, exactly what riding your bike should be about.

kate race shot 2 sm

Its so great to see the women’s field stacked with competition yet again and with current Enduro World champ Tracy Moseley entered I knew the competition was going to be though. Tracy is a good friend of mine and has helped me out as a rider since day one so it was great to be able to start racing against her once again.

I was feeling good during practice and managed to get a good few practice runs in thanks to Fly-Up uplift service. The track its self was fairly simple so there wasn’t to much to learn it was just a case of trying to push myself to get up to speed and trying to keep it smooth for a good time. For my first race run I really pushed hard, I had a good run, smooth and mistake free and got to the bottom with a time of 58.54 to put me in 1st place just half a second ahead of Tracy. For the second run I tried to push it a little too hard, I was making small mistakes all the way down just trying to go that little bit to fast. I crossed the line with a time of 58.27, so although it didn’t feel like it, it was just a little faster than my first run. Before I knew it though Tracy had came down with a time of 57.70 to take the win.

It was great to get back racing Tracy again and to be pushed to that level of competition. I was more than happy to come 2nd with times so tight and its now giving me that extra boost of motivation heading into race season.

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