Anthur Stiniog

3 years off racing downhill and I certainly choose one of the hardest races to come back to but hey ive always liked a challenge!! Anthur Stiniog is a great track, first time id been there but I will definitely be going back at some point soon. The track is pretty challenging and keeps you on you edge for the majority of the track.

After a full days practice on Saturday I was feeling good but felt like I was still just trying to learn the track rather than trying to get up to speed. Come Sunday morning I felt a little better on track, still not 100% up to speed but I was trying to take it relatively easy being it my first race back in 3 years, learning the ropes again!

I took my seeding run fairly steady, not taking to many risks just trying to stay calm and put a race run together. I crossed the line disappointed though. My time was off the pace but I knew I had a lot more to give and felt like I should of gave it my all for the seeding run just to at least know where I would stand so come race run I was more than fired up. Off the start I knew I had to put everything in to this run and I did, until half way down I could feel my rear tire caving under me, I had got a flat. Game over. I felt pretty deflated myself to be honest and wishing even more I had given everything in my seeding run. It has however given me more drive and determination to prove myself this year so on to the next round at Fort William.

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