Afan 4X race

Despite saying I was giving up 4X, it dragged me back in for one last national race! I want to race World Champs 4X this year and thought Afan would give me great preparation for it and im so glad I choose to go race it. After a few chats and meeting I was allowed to enter the senior mens catergory, just for a bit more bar to bar action, a bit more aggression and a lot more challenging!

Every heat was stacked and the boys certainly weren’t going easy on me! I had bars in my side at every opportunity and people flying at me for overtakes from all directions. I had never raced such intense heats before, not being able to give up or relax for even half a second. I real enjoyed every minute of racing.

Somehow I manage to get through to the quarter finals and then straight through to semi finals. I managed to scrape through a 2nd place to get my way in to the finals, I was stoked on this, my aim for the weekend was to get on the podium and by reaching the finals I had achieved this. I didn’t even mind what happened in the final.

After a close battle from start to finish in the final I finally crossed the line in 3rd place, which I was over the moon with. I had one of the best days racing Ive ever had at a 4X race before and come away reaching one of my set out goals! Just cant wait to get on the gate again for World Champs now.

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