Fort William

Fort William is a special place for me, its where I competed in my first ever International event which just happened to be World Champs and I managed to scrape a Silver medal at the event which was pretty much the starting point of my racing career. Saying this the track at Fort William has never favoured me, I absolutely love the track and its by far one of the best in the world but dear god, my poor little arms have never been able to hold on for a full race run down there!

After Friday and Saturdays practice on the track I was feeling real good, I felt up to pace and was pretty confident that I could do well on the track. Come race day however it was a different story. I was feeling real good Sunday morning, just had the one practice run but hit everything at speed and felt reasonably smooth down the track. My seeding run kind of went the opposite way though, just about 1/3rd the way down the track trying to put a full run together arm pump kicked in with a bang, it is something I have always struggled with, struggling to pull the brake to slow down as my arms are so pumped up with blood and when I do manage to pull the brake I pull it too hard which results in my slowing down way too much. It’s a losing battle the minute arm pump kicks in and there is nothing you can do about it but try and hold on until the bottom.

My race run I knew was going to be similar, even with a 4 hour wait between runs it just was never going to be enough time to recover. Again about 2 minutes in to my run my arms began to rip my race run to shreds. I was just trying to get down the track, in no way could I attack it the way I felt like I was in practice. Again I was pretty deflated crossing the line with 7th place but the most important race for me will be the World cup at Fort William in a few weeks time. Hopefully I can sort something out with my arms between then and now and come back to get a slightly better result.

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