Ae Forest BDS

I had been looking forward to going to Ae Forest to race after the first 2 rounds being such disappointing results for me, I knew at Ae Forest if I could put a good run together I could get a good result and I was determined to prove more to myself than anyone else that I still can ride these big downhill bikes! With a full days practice on Saturday I was feeling really good, I was really enjoying the track and knew on a track like Ae any little mistake would make a huge impact on the time so I was trying every run to get everything flowing and smooth.

8am Sunday morning, when any normal person would be more than likely just waking up, I was stood in the uplift queue egger to get 2 good runs in before racing began. I spent the morning trying a couple of new lines, just trying to get everything as quick and controlled as I could ride it. I was feeling confident for racing and just wanted to get it done. For my seeding run I wanted to put in a good run but still trying to save a little back for my race run. I put in a good solid run mistake free and smooth placing me in 2nd behind Manon Carpenter but feeling like I still had a little more in the tank.

Come my race run I was so desperate to try match or beat my seeding run I went off the start line a little too fired up! I had such a messy run, I hit a tree mid run and I was making mistake after mistake. Thinking I had probably threw it all away I surprised myself crossing the line and hearing I was in first place with only Manon to come. With out time to even turn around Manon came flying across the line 5seconds quicker taking a well deserved win. I was so happy to get 2nd up against a descent field of World class riders. It was a good fun weekend riding and has given me confidence heading in to the Fort William World Cup this weekend. Must say a big thank you to Jake ‘teaboy’ Ireland for doing a top job being on the spanners all weekend!

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