Name: Katy Curd
D.O.B: 27.04.89
Height: 5ft 2″
Hometown: Wiltshire, UK
Disciplines: Downhill and 4X

Likes: Ribena, Racing, Winning, Pit Biking, Dirt Jumping
Dislikes: Chocolate, Being Injured, Coffee

Favourite Food: Chicken
Favourite Drink: Ribena
Favourite Alcoholic Drink: Disaronno/Amaretto and Coke
Favourite Band/Artist: Varies from time to time but at the moment – Naked and Famous

Best thing about racing: Winning! Theres not a better feeling than coming across the finish line in 1st place.

Worst thing about racing: Being Injured. For me its the hardest part of racing, theres nothing worse than sitting on the side line and having to watch the race you should be taking part in.

Strengths: Jumping. I have been dirt jumping since a young age so jumping seems like 2nd nature to me
Weaknesses: Arm pump. On some of the longer and more rougher tracks i struggle real bad with arm pump, forcing me either to lock on the brakes or just not be able to hold on

Favourite Tracks: Downhill – Champery World Cup Track
4X – Windham 2010 world cup track

Bikes: Rose Beefcake Downhill Bike, Identiti Krisis SL, Rose Granite Chief XC Bike, Rose Bruce Dirt Jump Bike

How long have you been racing: My first race was at Churchill, near Weston-super-mare at the end of 2006, My first National race was in 2007 at Rheola, South Wales.

How did you get into riding: I’ve been riding bikes since a very young age, whether it was at the local trails chilling with mates or messing around in car parks trying to pull the longest skid or pull the biggest wheelie. I got dragged to my race by a mate, Nick Peacey, who after about a week or two he managed to convince me that I would love it. He was right, after that first race I was hooked! 3 years down the line and im travelling the world with my bike, riding some awesome tracks with some amazing people

Goals – Consistent top 10 in downhill
Consistent top 3 in 4X

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